Nov 14, 2012

BoardExpo 2012

Couple of weeks ago I was on assignment for Pulp Agency to film BoardExpo trade show they organized. It was quite a busy weekend as I had to film and do an edit at the same day. There was a lot to do there. We took lots of interviews, filmed snowboard competitions, skate sessions and all the general event hassle. I was pretty much running from one place to another trying to get as much footage as possible not only for short edits I did, but for the longer videos Teemu Lahtinen from Northlight Pictures did. 

I was quite tricky to film there. Lights were mixture of all kind of different funky lights with crazy spots, tungstens and HMI's. In general it was pretty dark there so we had to use high ISO values a lot even thought we were using fast lenses. I think the videos ended up pretty nice and Teemu did a great job at the edit. Check them out! Interviews are only in Finnish.

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