Jul 28, 2012

DH with Ilkka & 800px

Ok. This was the first time for me to shoot DH and all I can say is, that it was really fun, but also quite challenging. It's kinda similar than shooting snowboarding or skateboarding, but these guys just ride damn fast with their bikes. You need to have really fast shutter speeds if you wanna stop the movement. Im glad my friend Ilkka was patient with me so I was able to take some redoes and got the shots I wanted. Our session got pretty short thought as a huge cloud got in front of the sun and blocked all good light. I tried to take some photos with flashes, but those just looked pretty lame to me. Hopefully within next couple of weeks Im going to be able to shoot some more downhill. It feels like I haven't got even close to capture the true essence of this great sport. So more to come, hopefully!

I also wanted to change the size of the photos here in the blog. From now on Im gonna have horizontal photos 800px wide as I think the old ones were just too shitty to watch. Vertical ones can be as they are. I think they look fine at least on my 13" screen.

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