May 22, 2012

Winter projects

Here is couple of projects I've been working on past winter. First is Antti Autti's project Relate To It. I was filming him in Switzerland & Norway and it was just great. Antti has been taking his snowboarding to next level and past winters he's been riding lot of mountains and back country all over the world. To me and probably to Antti as well it feels like the alps and mountains are offering a lot of creative stuff to ride and film. So much different than hitting jumps in tiny Finnish slopes. Filming with Antti is quite easy. He is super motivated and enthusiastic with his riding and getting some good footage is pretty much up to yourself. He knows what he wants and will ride until you get the shot. That's like every filmers & photogs dream type of rider.

Another project I was working on this winter was Nietos. It's been all season lasting project and kept me quite well up in Lapland where Im actually from. All the videos has been shot in Ruka & Pyhä. Those are great resorts if you're looking for some park riding, but especially in Pyhä you can also find some really good powder. We'll see what next season brings to us. Gonna be interesting and different for sure!

Here's couple Nietos films for you. Im still going to make a season wrap up and will post it here little bit later..

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