Jan 23, 2012

..And something in color

Now this was one fun assignment. We were in the Alps over a week shooting for Antti Autti's new project. Being outside in the sun, breathing fresh air - could there be anything better? Hard to imagine myself sitting in the office watching the computer screen all day long. Somehow I feel like home being in the mountains. They are so powerful, the views are amazing and when it comes to snowboarding and filming the mountains are just full of possibilities. Only limit is your creativity. 

I was concentrating more on shooting video there. Hopefully I'll get a chance to publish the final product here on the blog when it's finished. It was definitely not an easy task. Filming in the mountains is a lot different than shooting for example handrails in Finland. Takes time to understand it and see things in different way. This trip has for sure been a great learning experience!

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