Dec 11, 2011

New video for Nietos!

Nietos - Alkukauden laskuja from Ruka & Pyha Ski Resorts on Vimeo.

So here is the newest video for Nietos magazine! This one is shot in Ruka about a week ago. Thank you all the riders and Relentless for letting me use one of your songs in the video! Im heading back to Ruka next week for the world cup. Beside shooting the contest I'll be shooting a trick tip as well. So in couple of weeks I will be publishing a new video again! Stay tuned!

By the way, we're constantly searching for new music to be used in our videos. If you are an artist and interested about letting us use your music in our productions, feel free to contact us by email. Pretty much anything goes from chill beats to punk, electronic to folk, anything!


Pekko Manninen
Jeppe Rontti
Enni Rukajärvi
Saku Tiilikainen


"Let Em Rock"
It Falls Apart

Check out the band!

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